Hints & tips


Here you can find our hints and tips which could have helped you to reduce cost of usage of batteries. If you follow them you can prevent a lot of problems and downtimes.

  • Replenishment of distilled water to the traction batteries is always carried out after charging. Follow this rule and replenish electrolyte with distilled water after each charge.
  • Keep the surface traction battery clean and dry.
  • Never leave a battery discharged, even partially! This prevents sulfation and greatly extend its life.
  • Invest in a good charging source (charger). This investment into a modern charger is always worthwhile. It returns in the form of extended battery life, but also to conserve electricity they consume during charging.
  • Do not remove the battery from the charger when charging is not fully completed. If you still need to remove the battery, the charging process exit with STOP button. Then unplug the battery from the charger. Incomplete charging significantly reduces the capacity and lifetime of the battery!
  • If you detect any deviation from the normal state of the battery, contact your service partner. Better advice by the phone than the damage from the negligence of the initial problem.
  • If you need to solve a problem with your battery and call for service, try to keep the battery always CHARGED till technician comes. This rule always applies, even for preventive examinations.

Safety use


A question of safety use is very important. There is a real dangerous to put your own health or near surroundings at risk. To exclude all accidents and risks there is necessary to carefully study a technical manual and other data which is add to the pack with your new battery and train all people who will be work with the battery.

A battery is an equipment which looks very easy to use but inside there are going complicated electro-chemical reactions. Therefore never remove safety valves from VRLA batteries during their operation and keep them in well-aired environment. Any handling with battery should be performed by trained and experienced people to avoid an irreversible damage of battery, property or health of persons. osob.

1 Keep instructions to use and put them on visible place to be "by hand" in the room where the batteries charging takes place.
 2 During operation with the battery always use protective gear: goggles or shield, gloves, protective cloth. Obey the EN 50272-3, EN 50110.
 3 Obey prohibition of smoking and handling open fire, hot things with the temperature over 300°C and sources of sparks near the battery - RISK OF EXPLOSION OR FIRE!
 4 First aid In case of contact with eyes or skin with electrolyte rinse them with plenty of clean water and consult a doctor immediately.
 5 Danger of acid-burns! WARNING - The electrolyte is corrosive, there is a risk of acid-burn of skin and damage of eyes, clothing or corrosion.
 6 CAUTION - for handling a battery, use only approved lifting and handling equipment. Do not tilt the battery!
 7 Danger of explosion and fire! Do not put any objects or tools on the battery. Metal parts are always under voltage. Do not touch valves and connector without isolation.
 8 CAUTION VOLTAGE - danger to life! CAUTION - short-circuit current of the battery can cause burns. Do not touch the valves or connector without isolation to avoid electrical shock.
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