Repair and maintenance of vehicles Multicar

Every modern company engaged in the sale of municipal vehicles and handling equipment must be ensured by appropriate servicing.

Auto SAS Ltd. is a one of the companies which try to guarantee the appropriate service, repair & maintenance for municipal vehicles MULTICAR. At the same time it offers also services in repair and maintenance of material handling equipment and of another equipment which is connected to its focus.

Authorized representation of brands MULTICAR, HAKO, CESAB and ARMANNI commited our company to provide not only sales of these machines but also repair & maintenance services and arrange an adequate qualified and trained staff.

We provide sales of new, used and reconditioned municipal vehicles Multicar and also repair & maintenance of comprehensive range of vehicles Multicar M24, M25, M26, M27, M30 Fumo and M31.

The service department has these divisions:

  • fixed service
  • mobile services
  • service of vehicles Multicar
  • service of cleaning technology Hako

Division structure allows making quick repairs and regular maintenance of vehicles Multicar through the mobile service cars around the whole Czech republic and also planned repairs and qualified controls of machines, pricing, transport and repairs in our own repair shop. These possibilities are valued for Multicar vehicles and cleaning machines of Hako too.

We own diagnostic equipment for all represented brands and it it needed we complete our equipment for other brands.

Our services (fixed and mobile repair & maintenance of vehicles multicar)

  • regular maintenance, the partial or total repairs
  • exchange of engines, transmissions, axles, etc.
  • repairs of wiring
  • exchange of superelastic and pneumatics tyres
  • replacement of starter and traction batteries
  • replacement of hydraulic components including the production of pressure hoses
  • MOT and vehicle emissions
  • technical inspections of handling equipment
  • revision of LPG

advantages of fixed repair & maintenance

  • complete cleaning of machines (degreasing with washing machine WAP)
  • plumbing work
  • machinery for repairs (tool work and metalworking)
  • paint repairs and complete paint works
  • spare parts on the stock
  • production of pressure hoses on requirements
  • platforms and lifting crane on disposal 
  • waste disposal (controlled waste management)
  • trained and well-coordinated team

advantages of mobile R&M

  • coverage of the whole Czech Republic
  • quick response by reporting faults
  • mobile phone links among vehicles, headquarters and warehouse
  • possibility to repair large scale (several days)
  • transportation of spare parts for repair
  • trained and well-coordinated team
  • willingness to solve the problem in the shortest time

other advantages

  • individual visits at customers' places
  • regular controls of machines
  • agreement on the process of repairs including pricing (a free service through the whole Czech republic)
  • transportation of equipment to repair with a special vehicle (14 tons in weight)
  • possibility to rent machines for the time of repair

The authorized repairs of vehicles Multicar

  • diagnostics of faults on vehicles of Multicar
  • regular maintenance of municipal vehicles Multicar
  • partial or total repairs of municipal vehicles Multicar M25, M26, M30 Fumo, Tremo and M31
  • exchange of devices (engines, transmissions, axels etc.) of municipal vehicles Multicar
  • repair of wiring of municipal vehicles Multicar
  • exchange of start batteries
  • vexchange of hydraulic components including production of hydraulic hoses and installation of hydraulic circuits for attachement devices
  • MOT and vehicle emissions
  • exchange and delifery of tyres
  • fitting towbars 
  • installation and service of attachement devices (Road Gritters, Snow Ploughs, Snow Cutters etc.)
  • maintenance of bodyworks
  • delivery of spare parts - most of spare parts for Multicar vehicles on the stock
  • repairs of Multicar vehicles around the whole Czech republic with mobile service cars

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About company
Auto SAS Ltd. is a company based in Solnice. The main specializations include handling, municipal and cleaning equipment - a wide selection of new, used or reconditioned machines, including expert advice and service. The assortment includes Toyota forklifts of various specifications - electric trucks or counterbalanced trucks, warehouse equipment like hand pallet trucks, powered pallet and stacker trucks or reach trucks, models of municipal Multicar vehicles, cleaning and sweeping machines Hako and slope mowers.