Cleaning machines HAKO


Sweeping and sweeping and vacuuming.


Sweepmasters are the ideal choice when it comes to thoroughly sweeping or sweeping & vacuuming workshops, production halls, warehouses, parking facilities or outdoor areas. Both our walk-behind and ride-on machines provide excellent performance in terms of economic efficiency and user-friendliness and have been designed with much attention to detail.  


SM M600 ikona SM 500 ikona SM 650 ikona SM 800 ikona
Sweepmaster M600
2.300 m2/h
working width 67 cm 
Sweepmaster B500
Sweeping performance up to 2.400 m2/h
working width 60 cm 
Sweepmaster 650 
Sweeping performance up to 3.525 m2/h
working width 70,5 cm 

Sweepmaster 800 
Sweeping performance up to 4.350 m2/h
working width 87 cm 


SM 800 ikona SWM 900 ikona - kopie SM 980 ikona SM 1200 ikona
Sweepmaster 800 R
Sweeping performance up to 2.400 m2/h
working width 89/110 cm 
Sweepmaster 900 R
Sweeping performance up to 2.400 m2/h
working width 95/120 cm 
Sweepmaster 980 R/RH
Sweeping performance up to 2.400 m2/h
working width 95/120 cm 
Sweepmaster 1200 RH
Sweeping performance up to 2.400 m2/h
working width 116/147 cm 
Sweepmaster1500RH ikona PowerBoss Armadillo ikona
Sweepmaster 1500 RH
Sweeping performance up to 14.580 m2/h
working width 127/162 cm 
PowerBoss Armadillo 9XR
Sweeping performance up to 25.000 m2/h
working width 156/193 cm 


Scrubbing and drying

When it comes to cleaning supermarkets, car showrooms, nursing homes and hospitals, production facilities in the food industry, large logistics facilities, production halls or industrial floors: Hako’s Scrubmaster models carry out every cleaning task efficiently. Our walk-behind and ride-on scrubber-driers provide a cleaning performance of up to over 9,000 m²/h – and ensure comfortable handling as well as an optimal view onto the working area thanks to their ergonomic design.


 Scrubmaster B/E8 ikona SM B12_ikona  SM B30_ikona  SM B45 ikona
Scrubmaster B/E8

Cleaning performance up to 1.320 m2/h
working width 33 cm 

Scrubmaster B12
Cleaning performance up to 1.500 m2/h
working width 38 cm 
Scrubmaster B30 
Cleaning performance up to 1.900 m2/h
working width 43 cm 

Scrubmaster B45
Cleaning performance up to 2.900 m2/h
working width 43/50/51/65 cm 

 SM B70 ikona  SM B90 ikona
Scrubmaster B70
Cleaning performance up to 4.200 m2/h 
working width 60/65/75/85 cm 
Scrubmaster B90 CL
Cleaning performance up to 4.200 m2/h 
working width 60/65/70/75/85 cm


Scrubmaster B75R ikona Scrubmaster B120R ikona  Scrubmaster B175R ikona  Scrubmaster B260R ikona
Scrubmaster B75 R
Cleaning performance up to 3.500 m2/h 
working width 55/65 cm 
Scrubmaster B120 R 
Cleaning performance up to 5.800 m2/h 
working width 70/75/85/90 cm 
Scrubmaster B175R
Cleaning performance up to 7.560 m2/h 
working width 85/90/108 cm 
Scrubmaster B260R
Cleaning performance up to 8.600 m2/h
working width 108/123 cm 
Scrubmaster B310R/RCL ikona PowerBoss Nautilus ikona 
Scrubmaster B310R/B310RCL
Cleaning performance up to 8.600 m2/h 
working width 102/123 cm 
PowerBoss Nautilus
Cleaning performance up to 15.200 m2/h 
working width 114 cm 
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