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The company celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2013. Its name is a synonym for words like handling equipment, forklift trucks, pallet trucks, municipal technology of Multicar, cleaning technology of Hako, spareparts, rental service, working platforms etc. 

We offer you everything you may need under one roof - new, used or reconditioned machines of handling equipment like forklifts, powered pallet trucks, reach trucks, hand pallet trucks, municipal technology of Multicar, cleaning technology of Hako, spareparts for handling equipment, also spare parts for municipal and cleaning technology of Multicar and Hako. You can find here quick repair and maintenance services of the high quality. We are able to repair your machine at our and also your place because of our mobile service. The company is certified by EN ISO 9001:2008.

The duty of every company is to carry out technical controls and inspections of LPG of all its materials handling. Auto SAS Ltd. as the cerified test center meets all of these qualification requirements. Therefore we can offer you our services in this area.

We are able to prepare also new drivers of handling equipment in our training courses thanks to the accreditation of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYS, MŠMT in Czech).

Our team of qualified and experienced workers is ready to meet your needs to the full satisfaction.

Our aim is to provide a complete service in the field of material handling - from consulting to select the optimum technology, financing options, rental or full service, fast and quality service, staff training to technical inspections and overhauls and spare parts.

We are proud to be included among so purely Czech private companies that maintain and develop craftsmanship of the Czech hands.


A complete offer range of our company


The handling equipment

  • new forklift trucks of Toyota/BT- our company is an authorized representative of the brand Toyota/BT in the Czech republic (BT Toyota material handling CZ)
  • used or reconditioned forklift trucks of different brands (Desta, Linde, Still, Jungheinrich, Hyster, BT, Toyota etc.)
  • repair & maintenance of forklift trucks (the authorized service for the brand Toyota/BT) - fixed at our place or mobile services with our service cars through the whole Czech republic
  • proffesional spareparts and accessories for forklift trucks with the option of purchase in our e-shop on www.sasparts.cz
  • warehouse equipment like hand pallet trucks, powered pallet trucks, power stacker trucks and reach trucks
  • special handling equipment of the brand ARMANNI - a specific solutions - rolls handling, drums handling, container handling, towing loads, extrem loads handling, stainless steel custom solutions etc. - we are an authorized representative of ARMANNI in the Czech republic
  • rental service of forklift trucks, all types of handling equipment and working platforms 

Municipal technology of Multicar

  • new models of these vehicles - Multicar M27, Multicar FUMO crew cabine, Multicar TREMO and the latest Multicar M31 and since 2015 aslo M31 Euro VI
  • used or reconditioned and very preferable models Multicar M25, Multicar M26 and Multicar M30 FUMO
  • attachment devices for multipurpose carrier Mutlicar (Road Gritters, Snow Ploughs, Snow Cutters, Waste Collection Bodies, Road Sweepers, Tanker Bodies, Sewage Cleaning and Suction Bodies, Loading Facilities, Containers, Washing Strips, Wattering Shoulders, etc.)
  • repair & maintenance of the Multicar vehicles - mobile with the service cars or fixed at our place
  • rental service of the Multicar vehicles
  • purchase of used Multicar vehicles

Cleaning technology of Hako

  • new cleaning machines of the brand Hako
  • used or reconditioned cleaning machines
  • attachment devices for multipourpose cleaning machines Citymaster (Road Gritters, Snow Ploughs, Snow Cutters, etc.)
  • repair & maintenance of the cleaning technology
  • rental service of the cleaning machines and multipurpose machines Hako Citymaster
  • purchase of used cleaning machines Hako

Spare parts and accessories

You can order spare parts and accessories for the whole technology above. The qualified team of our spare parts department SASPARTS is ready to provide you all information you may need. If you have a clear idea what you need, visit our e-shop and buy it. If goods is in our stock, we guarantee its delivery within 24 hours.  If you are not sure which sparepart you need, contact our staff and they will be glad to advise you, they identify the correct part and recommend the best solution - the original part or an alternative solution according to you price expectation. These days we have around 900 thousands catalogue numbers and in the stock we have more than 300 thousands items. We are specialists for spareparts for handling equipment - forklift trucks, reach trucks and hand or powered pallet trucks and powered stacker trucks (TOYOTA, BT, CESAB, LINDE, STILL, JUNGHEINRICH, HYSTER, DESTA, BALKANCAR atd.). We also offer spareparts for municipal and cleaning technology - Multicar vehicles and cleaning machines Hako. The assortment is complemented with bearings, oil seals, belts, electronic equipment, hydraulic components etc. Of course there is a quick delivery service through shipping companies or postal mail. Thanks to the direct cooperation with the production factories of handling equipment around the World and with the suppliers of aftermarkets parts (means parts which are not original but they meet the standards prescribed by the manufacturers but they are produced by other suppliers) we are among the largest suppliers of spare parts in the Czech republic and we export to 24 countries.

Own production of spare parts

Finally, the Centre SASPARTS able to design, produce and deliver the necessary part according to your specific requirements.


Regeneration and service of industrial batteries

Batteries belong to the category of dangerous waste and their consumption is increasing year on year. We are not indifferent to the impact on the environment, so we learned all about batteries and now we are able to correct their handling, but also, thanks to their regeneration, prolong their life. We provide around the whole Czech republic:

  • Installation and removal of the batteries
  • Professional service industrial batteries
  • Regeneration of mechanically undamaged batteries
  • Removal and disposal of batteries and accumulators
  • Training proper and safe handling of industrial batteries
  • Sales of special maintenance equipment batteries
  • Sales of spare parts and accessories (rectifiers, roller stands for the exchange, etc.)
  • Sales of batteries and accessories

The main our emphasis is to extend battery life

The battery life also affects the proper handling and regular maintenance of the battery. Also accessories traction batteries can significantly affect battery life. Accessories and batteries can be ordered in our e-shop or by phone +420 777 700 609.


Rental service

We provide short-term or long-term rental of machines. We provide you the machine according to your specific needs: handling equipment (forklift truck of different tonnage and stroke, diesel and electric), municipal Multicar vehicles, cleaners and sweepers Hako and last but not least, work platforms, scissor and also articulated. 


Repair & mainenance

We provide a professional service for all types of machines which are in our offer range at our place in Solnice and also around the whole Czech republic with our service cars.  We provide routine repairs, regular service, overhauls repairs, replacement of defective parts or reconditioning of used machines. We specialize on the handling equipment - forklift trucks of the brand CESAB, BT, Toyota, Armanni, Still, Linde, Hyster, Jungheinrich etc. and also on the municipal Multicar vehicles and clenanig machines of the brand Hako.

Technical controls and revisions of  LPG

The duty of each company is to carry out technical controls and inspections of LPG of all its materials handling. Auto SAS Ltd as the cerified test center meets all of these qualification requirements. Therefore we offer our services also in this area.


Forklift trucks driver training 

Our accredited center for traninig of forklift trucks drivers offers training or retraining courses for drivers of powered material handling and help reduce the number of accidents in daily work. Furthermore drivers learn to drive with the maximum machine utilisations.



We carry out shipping of machines with the container carrier 5500 x 2450 mm.

Here you can find the documentation and certifications of our company (free to download):
Every year we welcome our customers and all fans of material handling equipment and municipal vehicles to our plant to show them news and interesting devices. Open days of Auto SAS are very favorite and all visitors can see and also try exposed machines.
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About company
Auto SAS Ltd. is a company based in Solnice. The main specializations include handling, municipal and cleaning equipment - a wide selection of new, used or reconditioned machines, including expert advice and service. The assortment includes Toyota forklifts of various specifications - electric trucks or counterbalanced trucks, warehouse equipment like hand pallet trucks, powered pallet and stacker trucks or reach trucks, models of municipal Multicar vehicles, cleaning and sweeping machines Hako and slope mowers.