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Football prep SK Solnice

The youngest soccer fry from SK Solnice is playing in the colors of Auto SAS. We are very proud of our young sportsmen who defend our colors. The boys participate in a series of tournaments in its class. They fight and are better and better. New Panenka or Ronaldo is might be among them.
Today in the prep, tomorrow in the league!

Poláčkovo léto
Polacek summer

Polacek Summer is the theater festival held in honor of the native Rychnov nad Kneznou - of writer, journalist and humorist, Karel Polacek. It is traditionally held in Rychnov nad Kneznou on the end of June and on the first days of July. The festival takes place in non-traditional areas of the city and its components are also concerts in Rychnov churches and a synagogue.

Children's choir Carmina

Carmina is not only an amateur club but also a system that provides music education for children in Rychnov nad Kneznou. A lot of children successfuly continue in their education at universities, conservatories, PF etc., a lot of them love music and sing songs through their lives. The choir has a big success also abroad.

FBC Dobre

Our latest partner is a successful floorball team of women. The young beautiful women fought on the International floorball tournament Czech open with 64 other teams. They took place a thrilling duels and the result was the 9th to 16th position. This is the bigg success. The gained experience and the joy of sport are more important than the final position. Good luck!


Unesco club Solnice

Unesco club Solnice is a non-profit organisation that seeks to engage their fellow citizens in cultural and sport activities of the municipality. It organises in collaboration with the municipal council or other organizations number of events such as chess tournaments, tournaments in bowling, traditional hikes "Solnicka salt trail" or "Saying goodbye to summer".

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Auto SAS Ltd. is a company based in Solnice. The main specializations include handling, municipal and cleaning equipment - a wide selection of new, used or reconditioned machines, including expert advice and service. The assortment includes Toyota forklifts of various specifications - electric trucks or counterbalanced trucks, warehouse equipment like hand pallet trucks, powered pallet and stacker trucks or reach trucks, models of municipal Multicar vehicles, cleaning and sweeping machines Hako and slope mowers.