DemoDays of Auto SAS


Regularly we invite customers and all fans of material handling equipment and municipal vehicles to visit the traditional DemoDays of Auto SAS in company premises in Solnice. 

Still popular multicars

You can see the parade of municipal equipment of the brand Multicar from the model M25 across M26, M27 and Fumo to the last model M31 and M29 or the brand ISUZU. You will not only view these machines but you can try them on your own experience. Multicar vehicles are all-purpose. To reach this versatility you can equip the vehicle with a superstructures for any season and purpose, with snow ploughs, road gritters, sweepers or snow cutters. Tip for this year are special containers Charvat CTS or wood chippers of Laski.

Hako Citymaster for pure environment

Cleaning machines of the brand Hako - Citymaster 600, Citymaster 1200, Citymaster 1250, Citymaster 1600 or the newest models Citymaster 400, Citymaster 650, Citymaster 1650, Citymaster 1650ZE or Citymaster 2250 - are also versatile. Cleaning machines are possible to equip with special superstructures for any season. For what can you use these machines? How easy is to prepare them for operation? How easy is to exchange superstructures? All answers for these and other questions you can find out if you visit our DemoDays in Solnice. You can try all exhibited machines on your own experience.

Warehouse equipment

Not only on the municipal area are focused our DemoDays. The same emphasis we put on models of warehouse equipment. We focus on handling material in all possible variants - from the simplest hand pallet trucks to heavy duty counterbalanced trucks. You can try all exhibited machines in our trial track with pallet racking. You can try all our trucks and also your skills. Our driving instructors are ready to advise you tricks how to quick and economically drive counterbalanced trucks.


Always begger and begger emphasis is put on an influence of machines on the environment: What the lowest impact - this is what was going on! In the focus of our interests there are also alternative drives, use of electric energy for handling equipment even in the category "Heavy Duty" with the capacity up to 8 tons. The right maintenance of traction batteries and their economical use, regular servicing, regenerations and also reconditions - all these activities can have a appreciable impact on the quality of our environment.

Spare parts and accessories

Spare parts - this is an integral part of interest of all who practice handling or municipal equipment. We again enlarge our warehouse capacity to be able to satisfy all customer requirements. You can ask for spare parts and accessories for municipal and handling equipment of various brands (Multicar, Hako, CESAB, Desta, Linde, BT, Toyota, Hyster, Jungheinrich, Still etc.).

Repairs and maintenance

With changing of seasons there is a need to prepare your fleet. The peace and quiet instead of stress and worries. We offer you the possibility of season inspections of your machines. Make an appointment today! Do you have a machine and need its repair? We are ready to help you.

Rental services

The bestseller of this year - this is the rental service of cleaning machine Hako Citymaster 1200. You can rent it for one or more days, exactly for the time you need. During DemoDays of Auto SAS you can try it!
You can rent also the forklifts, warehouse equipment or working platforms, contact us at 777 700 612.


Finally, we invite you to enjoy sitting and talking not only about professional topics in our small restaurant.

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Auto SAS Ltd. is a company based in Solnice. The main specializations include handling, municipal and cleaning equipment - a wide selection of new, used or reconditioned machines, including expert advice and service. The assortment includes Toyota forklifts of various specifications - electric trucks or counterbalanced trucks, warehouse equipment like hand pallet trucks, powered pallet and stacker trucks or reach trucks, models of municipal Multicar vehicles, cleaning and sweeping machines Hako and slope mowers.