Reconditions of industrial batteries

The basic idea of reconditioning of traction batteries is extension of their lifetime with minimum and reasonable costs with regard to their further use.

  • Generally, it is not possible to make a NEW traction battery from the old one.

Recondition of traction battery is useful only in case when costs are not higer than costs of the purchase of a new battery. It has to realise the next use of battery. If the battery is going to work in multi-shift operation it is better to invest to the new battery and provide its perfect maintenance and regular and right charging.
Inside of the battery runs an electrochemical process with a limited cycle. The most important factor, which the lifetime of battery depends on, is the right maintenance and a suitable charger. Many users want to reduce costs so they forget a regular maintenance and the right way of charging. Reconditioning of batteries is the service which eliminates impact of this not very suitable way of reduction costs.

Proces of reconditioning of battery:

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  • Finding of technical condition of battery, the capacity test. On base of these findings we are able to determine the price of reconditioning and its profitability. In the most of cases we have made reconditioning of batteries which were not maintained enough and whose capacity no longer corresponds with their usage.
  • Complete cleaning of battery (including suction off liquide from carriers) and neutralization.
  • Checking of every cell of battery. We measure voltage, current and density of electrolyte of every charged cell. These values ​​must not exceed a certain threshold and they should have been similar for every cell of battery. On the base of these measurements we can find wrong cells which must be exchanged. We use for exchange only used cells for the cost reduction and especially to maintain the balance of parameters of all cells in battery.
  • Removing of all cells from the carrier.
  • Repair of the battery carrier and a new acid resistant paint.
  • Refitting cells into the battery carrier including inspection and possible replacement of power cables (jumpers of individual cells and terminal plug) and also inspection of the AQM system (automatic replenishment of distilled water).
  • Charging of the battery.
  • Regeneration of the battery.
  • Issue of the protocol from the process which contains results of the capacity test and the Report on the regular operational inspection in accordance to the standard ČSN EN 50272-3 (DIN VDE 0117)).

Note: Reconditioned traction batteries are not convenient for multi-shift operation. First of all they are used in applications with less commitment, maximum for six hours a day, where battery capacity is sufficient to power.

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