maintenance of batteries

Maintenance and regular prevent servising of industrial batteries is very important !!!


Unfortunately the regular prevent servicing and maintenance of industrial batteries is for many users on the last place. At most time the operator realizes the importance of regular maintenance of his battery too late. The battery could be demaged, your fleet is out of service and downtime and costs are steeply increasing.

  • In accordance with IEC 50272-3 (DIN VDE 0117) there must be performed a technical inspection batteries including measurement of insulation resistance. Insulation resistance measurement is performed according to IEC 332610th.

Schedule of maintenance

Daily maintenance

- performed by the operator

After each discharge of battery (drop to 20% of its capacity) there is necessary to charge it till the charger is automaticaly switched off. Before and after charging there is necessary to check the mechanical state of battery - connectors, cables, battery charger itself and the level of electrolyte. After charging check the purity of the battery and the attendance of liquid in the battery carrier.

Weekly maintenance

- performed by the operator

Weekly maintenance contains all activities of daily maintenance and in addition: top up distilled water in every cell of battery, balanced charging according to the quality and abilities of your charger.

Quarterly maintenance

- performed by the service organisation

Quarterly maintenance contains all activities of daily and weekly maintenance and in addition: measure of voltage and density in every cell of the battery. All measurments must be made after the charging. If there is a liquid inside of battery carrier it must be sucked out and the surface of battery must be cleaned from electrolyte.

Annual maintenance

- performed by the service organisation

Annual maintenance contains all activities of daily, weekly and quarterly maintenance and in addition performance of periodical inspection of battery.

  • If you close the contract with our company, we will provide the reliable operation of your battery throughout its whole lifetime.

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