Battery regeneration

What does it mean a battery regeneration?

Every battery is losing its capacity during its lifetime. The reduction of battery capacity is mainly due to the formation of crystals of sulfur on the active area of electrodes. Regeneration is an electrochemical process in which these formed crystals of lead sulphate converted back to the active material of electrodes and sulfuric acid ions.

And what the Wikipedia says?

"Lead–acid batteries lose the ability to accept a charge when discharged for too long due to sulfation, the crystallization of lead sulfate. They generate electricity through a double sulfate chemical reaction. Lead and lead dioxide, the active materials on the battery's plates, react with sulfuric acid in the electrolyte to form lead sulfate. The lead sulfate first forms in a finely divided, amorphous state, and easily reverts to lead, lead dioxide and sulfuric acid when the battery recharges. As batteries cycle through numerous discharges and charges, some lead sulfate is not recombined into electrolyte and slowly converts to a stable crystalline form that no longer dissolves on recharging. Thus, not all the lead is returned to the battery plates, and the amount of usable active material necessary for electricity generation declines over time."

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The reasons of sulfation

  • Self-discharge and long-term disharging of battery
  • Discharging of the battery under the final discharge voltage (to deeply discharged)
  • Permanent incomplete charge
  • Long-terminactivity of battery
  • Inside short circuit of a cell

S-bat system of regeneration stands for sustainability at energy and battery consumption. This is provided with a regeneration process that extends the life term of your batteries, reduces energy usage and due to the shortened charging time has a lower consumption that provides sustainable resource savings.

The advantages of the s-bat system concept of sustainability at a glance:

  • demonstrable results (output protocol contains the capacity of battery before and after the regeneration proces, both are measured after the performance)
  • Battery life term is extended up to 100% with a unique technology
  • Lowest energy consumption through energy recovery
  • Sustainable savings owing to reduced charging time and lower water consumption
  • Slowing the recycling cycle and reduction of CO2 emissions
  • when the battery is discharging electrical energy comes back into the grid (the recovery) - Energy intensity is reduced by 60%
  • No additional investment costs

The S-bat system of battery regeneration relies on a unique combination of discharge and pulse regeneration. The first one provides the power feedback into the power grid and thus guarantees a highly efficient use of energy. The second stands for the computer-controlled multi-stage renovation process. Accompanied by a continuous power, voltage and temperature monitoring and innovative pulse control, during the regeneration process the disincentive sulfate crystals are mined from the battery cells efficiently and effectively.

In case the battery after its regeneration won't be increased at least about 5%, we invoice only the fee for using of regenerator 100 CZK.

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