Small winter salt spreaders


Small spreaders = great help

Winter is here again! Snow and frost - slippery pavements and roads...

This is a reason why and when we have to use our reserves of winter salt or sand. If the area is larger we need effective help.

So and this is the time for the small spreaders.

You can choose in the wide range: KRH 01 Matterhorn, KRH 01 E, KRH 02 Mont Blanc or KRH 05 Olympus and also KRH 06 Olympus Turbo.

For the largest areas you can use the spreaders which could be pulled by car, Multicar, forklift or garden tractor. This category contents KRH 03 Everest or KRH 04 Fuji.

All accessories could be used also for maintenance of lawns in other seasons as spreaders of granulated fertilizers. You have only one task: to choose the best equipment for your area. We can help you! Contact us on the mail:

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