Red Spot - the light for better safety


Another type of light beam for your greater safety

Safety light is another innovative feature for increase of safety during operations of handling equipment. In addition to blue light we discussed some time ago, you can now also get a red light, which may be more convenient and stronger for certain operations and for certain type of floor.

The innovative red safety light helps avoid forklift/pedestrian collisions. In the Czech republic there are many forklift/pedestrian accidents each year. Backup alarms are of course also effective, but what happens when employees are submerged to work, listening to music, talking on cell phones, or staring at the ground? And what about noisy enviroment? There is a big possibility not to hear the signal of backup alarm.

The Red Spot is a good solution. This is an optical form of warning for handling equipment. These intense red spot LED lights keeps pedestrians and other vehicles on notice that a forklift is approaching. Great for blind corners, dock areas, and crossing aisles, these red spotlights typically shine beyond the forklift to alert anyone in their path.

The lights can be installed on the front and/or back of forklifts or any other industrial equipment. A mounting bracket and wiring is included with each unit providing for a fast and easy installation.

The lifetime of it is around 20 000 hours, LED lights are doubled to keep their function in case of failure one of them. The safety lights Red Spot are completely maintenance-free.

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