New image of our servicing fleet


We are always working to be better and better. We try to be every day nearer to you so also our effort is focused on a quick and a reliable mobile servicing fleet.

Since the spring when we changed our strategic partner in the field of material handling equipment we completely changed the image of our servicing cars.

How do you like it?

Our preferable grafic studio - Studio555, Mr. Hrubý and Mr. Hrubý - was very busy the whole spring.

Now we have achieved a partial goal although the work on fleet is pratically never ending. There is always something to improve.

We grasped an exeptional moment when all servicing cars were home, all cleaned and ready to go out again to our customers and made some photos to show you how we had changed.

The moment was very short so we had to grasp it immediately. Although the morning light is not very favorable to takeking photos we managed it. Here are pictures of our new image.

We had to use the working platform to catch the whole servicing fleet to one shot. Our colleague overcame his phobia and took photos from the height of 10 m.

We hope nobody overlook them. 

A happy journey, bon voyage, miles away and many satisfied customers!

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Auto SAS Ltd. is a company based in Solnice. The main specializations include handling, municipal and cleaning equipment - a wide selection of new, used or reconditioned machines, including expert advice and service. The assortment includes Toyota forklifts of various specifications - electric trucks or counterbalanced trucks, warehouse equipment like hand pallet trucks, powered pallet and stacker trucks or reach trucks, models of municipal Multicar vehicles, cleaning and sweeping machines Hako and slope mowers.