Rental of work platforms

Important part of rental services of Auto SAS is rental work platforms. Everybody meets during his life the need to work in heights and solve the problem how and safely to do it. You can buy your own work platform but in many cases it is not economical. If you need it only occasionally more economical is to rent it. So Auto SAS is here especially for these cases. We rent you our work platform - you can choose - scissor or articulated or type of drive - diesel or electro.

In most cases we rent work platforms for a short period of time, generally from one to several calendar days. But if necessary there is a potential long-term lease in full-service mode. The term "full-service" means that the customer pays a precise monthly flat fee and has a work platform for a specified period according to the specified requirements, including full service (repairs and maintenance).  

Our rental fleet: 
  • pillar
  • scissor
  • articulated

with drive:
  • electric 
  • diesel

for conditions:
  • outdoor
  • indoor

All work platforms are in a good condition and they are regularly maintained. There is possibility to solve the transport of work platform to your destination with our trailer.  


Articulated work platforms  

Articulated work platforms with its own drive are ideal for work in narrow spaces in production plants, storages or distribution buildings, where it is necessary to use also a lateral reach. These work platforms with a small passage width can move at heights up to 10 m with a maximum load, even in its side unloading. The combination of articulated arm with a telescope offers at minimum chassis dimensions for flexibility in work above and between technologies. The device can be operated from the basket and also from the ground.


scissor work platforms

Scissor work platforms are suitable for work on solid supporting surfaces, such as the insides of buildings, concrete, asphalt and paved surfaces with a slope to 3°. All work platforms can move and work in heights and signals a dangerous slope. There is possible to increase the walkable area of ​​the extension. This increased dimensional bins allow you to perform the work as well as a greater number of workers.
Working height: 10 - 12 m
Drive: aku
The battery is necessary to recharge after 6 - 10 working hours with the built-in charger. The minimum time of charging is 8 hours. 


Trailer work platforms

The advantage of this kind of platforms is the possibility to attach them behind the other vehicle. We recommend to our customers to consult the parameters of towing vehicle with our staff. We are ready to advise you how to transport the platform quickly and safely to the place of its operation.

Rent - a suitable solution for low cost!  

Electric work platforms

Model Type Max. working height [m] Max. capacity [kg]
Faraone PK10200E pillar 10 200
Genie GS1930 scissor 7,6 227
Genie GS2032 scissor 7,9 363
AWPS4695HD scissor 11,6 460
Genie GS3246 scissor 11,75 318
Genie GS4047 scissor 13,75 350
AWPS32120HD scissor 14 320
AWPS20140HD scissor 16 200
Manitou 105 VJR articulated 9,9 200
Genie Z30/20NRJ articulated 10,89 227
Genie Z34-22N articulated 12,52 227
Genie Z40/23NRJ articulated 12,3 227
Genie Z-45/25J articulated 16,07 227
IP 11-2 outboard articulated 11,2 200
IP 14-3 outboard articulated 13,9 200

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DIESEL work platforms

Model Typ Max. working height [m] Max. capacity [kg]
Genie GS5390 RT scissor 17,95 680
Genie Z34/22 articulated 12,62 227
Genie Z51/30J RT articulated 17,59 227

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Image 2 - Genie Z51/30J RT

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